Toon Toadstool is one of the main characters of The Super Mario Bros Super Show

Moveset Edit

Entrance: Warp Pipe Edit

A warp pipe will appear on the stage and Toadstool will jump onto it and into the battle.

B Moves Edit

Neutral B: "Back To Normal" Wand Edit

Toadstool will get out a wand and zap the opponents with it which gives fire damage. Charging the attack will shrink the opponents.

Side B: Farmers Day Fireworks Edit

Toadstool will use fireworks which is simular to Strong Bad's Fwothoom Bang. Press B to launch them. You can also control the fireworks with the joystick.

Up B: Raccoon Power Edit

Toadstool will turn into a raccoon and can fly around using the joystick. If you get hit, you can backfire the opponents.

Down B: Distraction Edit

Toadstool will throw something down and give the opponents a random effect which is simular to Hitler's pencil of doom. Also, be aware of backfires.

Final Smash: Princess Rescue Edit

Toadstool will get tied up and Mario and Luigi will come and rescue her which is a stronger version of John Di Micco's Down B except Mario and Luigi are the only ones that can come out of the pipe. The opponents will then make a retreat and jump off the stage. If they stay on the stage for too long, Mario or Luigi will come and attack them. When all opponents get K.O'd, Mario and Luigi will disapear and Toadstool will be free again.


KOSFX 1: "Owww!"

KOSFX 2: "Terrible!"

Star KOSFX: "Wooooooh!"

Screen KOSFX: *gasps*

Taunts Edit

Taunt 1: "I should have known not to trust you!"

Taunt 2: "At the end of the unknown tunnel"

Taunt 3 "What do you want me to say?"

VictoryOptions+Lose/Clap Edit

Victory 1: "Wow!"

Victory 2: "And I'm fine! Now that all my friends are off the battlefield."

Victory 3: *holds a key*

Lose/Clap: *tied up*

Other Attacks Edit

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

◾AAA Combo- punchs  

◾Dash Attack- spin

Tilt Attacks

◾Side- knee  

◾Up- kick  

◾Down- toe stubber  


◾Side- hits with toad  

◾Up- throws turnip  

◾Down- break dance  


◾N-Air - toadachute  

◾F-Air - slaps  

◾B-Air - backward kick  

◾U-Air - crown spike  

◾D-Air - kick downward

Grabs, Throws

◾Grab- grabs shoulders  

◾Pummel- head butt  

◾Forward- lets go pushes  

◾Back- tosses backwards  

◾Up- throws stabs you with crown

◾Down- Throws down and stomps on them


◾Ledge attack: floats up kicks  

◾100% ledge attack: floats up punches  

◾Front attack: ???  

◾Back attack: ???  

◾Trip attack: ???

Extra Edit

Color Swap: Edit

  • Default
  • brown
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • purple

Video Edit

Smash Bros Lawl Alpha Character Moveset- Toon Toadstool

Smash Bros Lawl Alpha Character Moveset- Toon Toadstool